Woodson D. Moore, Superintendent
Shirley Moore, Principal

Dawn Firus, Coordinator

The bulletin is a ministry of information, encouragement, and blessings for the congregation of Fairton Christian Center. Weekly events of the church and school are listed, as well as opportunities for spiritual growth within the body of Christ. The bulletin is prayed over for anointing each week before it is printed, to give to all who read it, what is needed for them personally. It is a message of knowledge, help, love, and encouragement through the scripture, and context of its pages. May the Lord bless you as you read it.

Children’s Church
Rachel Moore, Coordinator

Children’s Church meets every Sunday during regular church service. We have a Primary class and Beginner class. Our dedicated teachers instruct the children in biblical truths. The teachings are intended not only to teach them but also to have fun while leaning principles for life. Rachel Levick coordinates the Ministry and instructs the teachers in the use of the programs so that the children look forward to attending.

Church Socials
Vicki Bittner, Coordinator

Our church socials include luncheons once a month after our morning service at the Panchesine’s home. We also provide a continental breakfast and lunch for special affairs such as our women’s conference. Our committee is responsible for many special occasions.

Ministry of Communications/TV, Radio and Internet
Greg Hennis, Coordinator

This ministry, deals with spreading God’s Word through electronic media, and enables us to reach many people outside of our church walls. Fairton Christian Center not only continues in radio ministry, but has moved to the next level through the use of other electronic media. This encompasses television, as well as the internet. Each week the church has 4 Radio Broadcasts, 2 Television Broadcasts and 1 Live Webcast. Plus each broadcast mentioned above is available anytime on our website.

Fairton Praise Group
Brenda Roames, Coordinator

The Praise Group leads our congregation into worship every Sunday Morning. Through a variety of classic hymns and modern day worship songs, the Praise Group encourages all to enter into an attitude of worship. The group consists of anointed singers, keyboardists, guitarists and drummers.

Carol Simpkins, Coordinator

We now have sixteen faithful people who serve as Greeters. Judy Panshesine has been acting as hostess, this is really a blessing as it’s not always possible to spot visitors in a crowd. The Greeters realize it is also their responsibility to make everyone feel welcome, as well as giving out bulletins.

Fellowship Dinners
John and Judy Panchesine
Steve and Sue Levick

On at least one Sunday a month home cell luncheons are held at John and Judy Panchesine’s and Steve and Sue Levick’s home for a covered dish luncheon. It is a meaningful time of fellowship for all who choose to attend.

M.E.R.G.E Ministry
Marriages Encouraging Relationship Growth & Enrichment
Dan and Carol Malone, Group Leaders

This is a mentoring ministry for married couples using the Gary Smalley Relationship series, Marriage on the Rock Series by Jimmy Evans, and/or other Christian marriage enrichment materials as the curriculum. A DVD is shown each week which may be accompanied by reading material and discussion questions to be used privately with a spouse and periodically with the group. Meetings are held at the Leader’s home or on a rotation at the participant’s homes on an evening that is convenient for all. Any couples who are able to commit for a series of consecutive weeks should contact the Group Leaders through the Church Office at 856-455-0408.

The purpose of the MERGE meetings is to bring husbands and wives together to encourage one another, exchange with, and exhort one another, and as couples-to become united, combined, blended, and gradually, absorbed in stages, just as the definition of the word “merge” indicates. A small group of 3-4 couples at a time is ideal for meeting and fellowshipping with other Christian married couples. This serves as a perfect follow-up for a couple that has just attended a Marriage Encounter Weekend, though it is not a prerequisite or requirement to attend.

Helping Hands Ministry

This ministry attends to the needs of the people within our Church. It exemplifies Galatians 6:10, where Paul exhorts those of the household of faith to do good for one another. This ministry does so in the following manner…

   Meals for Funerals
Beth Pierce

   Meals for the Sick
Myrna Ingles

   Meals for Mothers of New Babies
Paula Sheets

Men’s Ministry
Pastor Woodson Moore, Coordinator

Mission Statement: We will passionately bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to all men through all of our activities. We will actively support the FCC Men’s Ministry with our prayers, finances, time and talents. We will commit to disciple other men and develop relationships that will encourage them to have a deeper, personal fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Fairton Christian Center Men’s Ministry fellowship has been in existence for over 25 years. There are a number of events that are held each year such as; FCC Golf Tournament, Men’s Breakfast, Praise and Worship night, Sports Competition Night, Fishing trip in the Bay, Hunting trip to Pennsylvania, and Men’s Retreat and Conference. The annual “Critter Dinner” is well known throughout South Jersey of one of the Premier gathering of Sportsmen (Hunters and Fishers) in New Jersey. The Men’s Ministry continues their Wednesday night service and provides an opportunity for men to fellowship and experience anointed teaching of the Word.

Missionettes – National Girls Ministries
Mary Ellen Langley, Coordinator

The Missionettes program is designed to win girls to Christ through love and acceptance. We want to support them in encouragement and accountability through Christian relationships. We want to help them learn to obey what the Lord commands of us.

Our goal is to see the girls become women of faith through Christ and to see smiling faces through awards and honors. We desire to have the girls fulfill their purpose of being a part of the Missionettes.

Committee: Vicki Bittner, Myrna Ingles, Sue Levick, and Debbie Pittenger

Mission Sunday is the 4th Sunday of each month. Each month there is a bulletin insert updating you on a different missionary. Also, on missionary Sunday there is a DVD presentation bringing you face to face with what God is doing all over the world.

Each year there is a “Missions’ Banquet” and at Christmas we participate in Samaritan’s Purse.

New Believers
Mary Jane McMeekin, Leader

The New Believer’s Bible Study is for new believers and those who would like to make sure they understand the fundamentals of our Christian walk. It is a one on one study with you and one of our mentors at their home.

We currently have 15 mentors available. You meet once a week for nine weeks and study such topics as, the Bible, Salvation, healing, Baptism of the Holy Spirit, walking with God, serving and sharing with the family of God.

This is also a good way for you to get to know a brother or sister in the Lord and will also begin to build relationships in the body. We pray for you and encourage you as you grow in the Lord.

Nursing Home Ministry
Carol Simpkins, Coordinator

Mrs. Simpkins coordinates a ministry to the residents of Millville Center each month. She plans music, Bible study and a time of prayer. Every month she has a different guest speaker and a program of music. The residents enjoy this special time.

Operation Blessing
Dave and Carol Fresne, Coordinator

Prison & High Rise Ministry
Henry Miller, Prison Coordinator
Barbara Nichols, High Rise Coordinator

This Ministry is reaching out to the High Rise residents in Millville, NJ, with the hope of extending our services to other High Rise residents in the area. Our purpose is to bring the word of God to them, to pray with and for them and to be their friend. We have provided Bibles, tapes and books for their use. We endeavor to strengthen them spiritually in their daily life. Many volunteers take turns going in every Sunday at 2pm with Bible teaching and singing. All are welcome.

Prayer Chain
Mary Christian, Coordinator

The prayer chain consists of three women. Their names are Carol Simpkins, Paula Sheets and Mary Christian. We pray for the needs of others. When a call comes in, the one who receives the call passes it on to the other women. We stand in agreement, as we seek the Lord in prayer for answers.

We pray for many needs, which include financial needs, physical and emotional healings and family problems. We received many answers to these needs. Our goal is to continue to seek the Lord in prayer for the needs of others.

Royal Rangers
Bill Rieger, Senior Commander

Royal Rangers motivates boys spiritually through Bible study and memorization, devotions, and Christian role models. Boys are strengthened mentally by an advanced awards-based weekly program. Further, the boys increase their physical prowess by participation in age-specific activities and recreation. Finally, they are introduced to church, community, and nature-related activities to develop their social skills and awareness.

The life of a Royal Ranger includes great outdoor adventures through camping, water activities, hiking, rappelling, and mountain climbing, as well as challenging indoor adventures. There will be opportunities year-round to attend camping events at the outpost, district, or national levels.

Street Ministry
Lori Hooks, Coordinator

There are so many people in the world who need Jesus. Eternal life is a free gift from God that not every person has or even knows about. This ministry is an outreach for the lost and dying people that would never think about the consequences of sin and death. We are taking the life changing gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the people who need to hear about God’s love and saving grace. We are all a part of the Lord’s body and we are all called to care about the eternal salvation of others.

I say unto you, that likewise joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repents, more than over ninety and nine persons, which need no repentance.” Luke 15:7

Sound System
Sam Sheets, Coordinator

The objective of the sound ministry is to bring praise and worship and God’s word to the people in a clear and understandable manner so the people can be ministered to effectively. Other services provided by the sound team are providing sound for special events and making duplicates of each Sunday’s message on either CD or cassette tape. The sound team consists of three men who are also responsible for setting up and breaking down the sound equipment and they are Sam Sheets, coordinator; Tom Hall, technician and sound man.

Sunday School
Shirley Moore, Superintendent
Doris Wilson, Assistant

Thursday Women’s Bible Study
Garnett Glenning, Leader

The Thursday morning Bible class has been in existence for twelve years. The purpose of this class is for women to come together to learn what the Word of God has to say about how to be a successful Christian woman.

We study scripture and learn how to apply it to our own lives.

We have time for open discussion and prayer. We pray for each other and love each other. Strong bonds have been formed over the years. It is a place where women can come to find sisters in the Lord who will love them and support them.

We meet in the Nursery from 10:00 to 11:30am. All women are welcome to join us.

George Polhamus, Offering Coordinator

The ushers are responsibility for getting the church ready for Sunday morning services, setting up the chairs, helping those who need help into the church building, collecting the offering and taking care to close the church at the end of services. They are responsible to help people find a seat if necessary. They are available to give assistance whenever needed. Our ushers also assist with communion.

Judy Panchesine, Coordinator

Women’s Ministry
Shirley Moore, Coordinator

The Wednesday night meeting is truly a blessed time. Each week is filled with excellent teaching and ministry. A woman from within our church body comes forward every week to present a ministry. Some are anointed teachers of the Word; others give a personal testimony which encourages others. There are nights when we take prayer requests and devote the night to prayer; or open the meeting up to group discussion. We are led by the Holy Spirit and He always teaches us and lifts us up.

We have an attendance that averages about 25 women. These women have bonded together in love and will bind around any woman who needs prayer and support. This fellowship of sisters is power and every woman in the church should take advantage of this blessing of the Lord. We have seen wonderful moves of God within this group.

Every woman is encouraged to come and find the power, the wisdom and the refreshing of the Lord that is there every week. We meet at 6:30pm in the Nursery.

Youth Group “Warriors of the Light” – Grades 7 – 12
Garnett Glenning, Coordinator

Warriors of the Light Youth Group meet on Sunday evenings under the leadership of Garnett Glenning & David Smith. Meetings take place in the conference room between 6pm and 7pm. The goal of Warriors of the Light is to help kids to develop a closer relationship with the Lord and to develop a Christ like character. We want each of them to know that they are in the world but they are not of the world. If we can teach them how to boldly proclaim Christ by living holy lives, then the mission will be accomplished.